Data Consumer Marketers Marketing Chief Marketers Role
- TRENDING TODAY After almost two years of accelerated digitization and change to consumer behavior, brands are still struggling to find ways to adapt to the rapidly shifting digital landscape. While consumer data is more abundantly available today than ever before, many brands are failing to use this data effectively to understand consumer needs. For chief marketers to win the consumer relationship in today’s digital world, they must learn how to harness the power of data. The diversification ... [Read More]


Advertisers Holiday Season Consumers Holiday Season Attribution
- Largely accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 saw a major surge in online holiday shopping. While brick-and-mortar will likely play a larger role this year than the year prior, e-commerce sales continue to grow , and there’s no doubt the channel will be integral for shopping this winter. Once again, many consumers are choosing to do their shopping online instead of in-store this season, for a myriad of reasons. To stay ahead and optimise traction this holiday season, advertisers need to ... [Read More]

Media Agency Social Media Agency Business Marketing Customers
- An Overview of What a Social Media Agency Is If you are the owner of a business, you have likely thought about how to establish the best online presence possible. And in addition to your company’s website, a social media presence is one of the best ways to ensure that information about your business is easily accessible to your customers and your brand identity is well established. For many business owners, building your own social media presence can be quite challenging. Without expert ... [Read More]

Quality Backlinks Tool Links Website Strategy
- Backlinks are undoubtedly one of the most important factors when it comes to website ratings done by Google. Of course, there are also various other aspects you should pay attention to — but make no mistake. By obtaining bad-quality, low relevance backlinks, you could lose a lot of traffic. Therefore, let’s focus on the most critical strategies for acquiring backlinks for your website. Keep in mind that not every strategy is of the same quality. Here are eight different but highly ... [Read More]

Google Jordan Changes Marketers Reviews Panel
- SEOs should prepare for the coming changes in local reviews, knowledge panels and mobile displays. “COVID itself has changed the way that people interact with businesses online,” said Amanda Jordan, director of local search at LOCOMOTIVE Agency, in her session at SMX Next , “which means that search engines, businesses and marketers had to pivot to meet those demands and needs.” The events of 2020 have changed how local businesses operate as well as Google’s search results. And, while ... [Read More]

Marketing Content Product Customers Business Brand
- Marketing a business online is not for the faint of heart. Not only do you have to compete with competitors from around the globe, but the rapidly advancing technology and an ever-changing consumer focus make it hard to capture audience attention and stay ahead of the curve. Many business owners mistakenly believe that to advance their digital marketing efforts, they simply need to boost their ad spend and end up sinking a huge amount of money into underperforming marketing techniques. Pumping ... [Read More]


Google Discover Shehata Google Traffic Content E A T
- While you can’t target users or interests, you can increase your chances of ranking better in Google Discover. At SMX Next, John Shehata shared the tactics he uses to up the odds and analyze what works. Google’s Discover feed presents mobile users with a stream of content based on the user’s interests. For publications that have managed to get their content featured in it, the Discover feed can drive substantial traffic — but, unfortunately, “there’s no way to create content that ... [Read More]

Data Marketers Customers Information Marketing Hinkle
- Successful customer engagement depends on good data. One of the most difficult challenges marketers face is keeping customers engaged long enough to buy. And while there are multiple factors involved, this problem often stems from bad data. Kate Adams, SVP of Marketing at data solutions company Validity, pointed to some startling statistics in her presentation at our MarTech conference: “According to MarketingSherpa, every year 25% to 30% of data becomes inaccurate, leading to less effective ... [Read More]